“Naked Race” at Roskilde Festival 2013

Denmark hosts one of Europe’s biggest music festivals called Roskilde Festival. Its occurs every June/July and Danes and foreigners alike flock to the small town of Roskilde to enjoy a 5 day long music festival.

Its a festival of many traditions and one of these traditions is the annual “Nøgenløb” or naked race as its directly translated. And it is just that – a running race for naked people. Male and females, slim and less slim, tall and short – basically a race for everyone.

The younger generation of guides in Running Copenhagen (Anders, Kristoffer and Anna Josefine) of course attend the festival (not the race!) and Anna Josefine our multimedia intern was not slow to offer to do a race report from the race. So here it is: first hand reporting from the Nøgenløb at Roskildefestival 2013.

Watch the video here:


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